When homeowners are preparing for the "big move" one of the common dilemmas they face is getting rid of unwanted household items.

When residents are "spring cleaning" or just decluttering, the same common dilemmas face them of getting rid of unwanted household items.

Cochrane Home Sitter SOLUTION

Cochrane Home Sitter is the Convenient Seller and answer to your dilemmas

  • Don't pay to move items you don't want
  • You receive Extra money without a bunch of effort
  • A Win-Win, if you prefer the convenience of having someone else sell your items, Contact Ralph
  • Call early to allow time for selling
  • Call or Text Ralph at 403-826-6919 to discuss options of selling household items before moving, disposing and or giving items away

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UnWanted Items, Arts & Crafts,   Auto Sales,   Clothing,   Collectibles, Computer,  Furniture,   General,

Health & Fitness, Household, Materials, Real Estate, Sporting, Tools, Toys & Games

Additional Services

Appliance Repair, Dryer and Dryer-Vent Cleaning, Dryer ServiceRadon Measurement, Vacant Home Preparation