Supplement Income

RECOGNITION: Giving credit where credit is due

When I realized I wanted to have a section in my website covering the subject of "Supplement Income", I went looking for material I could use to introduce the subject.  I researched many articles, looked at many websites.  In my search, up came a site called "Stay a Stay at Home Mom" created by Raven Perkins.  I read her content and concluded that she was saying many of the things I wanted to say, but she was saying it so much better.  Much of this page and the page "Ideas for Supplement Income" come right from her site.

To top-it-all-off, the platform she used is the same platform I'm using.

I strongly recommend you visit her site and go through it's GOOD stuff.

Ralph Edgett

What is "Supplement Income"?

  • It is cash over and above what the main bread winner brings in
  • It is the extra cash that lets you save
  • It is cash that relieves some of the pressure from day-to-day living expenses
  • It is the cash that lets you stay home

For those who want to Supplement present cash-flow

  • Supplementing Income.  In this day and age, does it sound easier than it is
  • Let us look at some options:   
  • Real supplementary income jobs
  • Ways to save money

This subsection of Cochrane Home Sitter is devoted to you

  • I've put together a few ideas about ways you can supplement your income
  • A few of these ideas I have gone beyond simple research and have experienced the idea or opportunity myself
  • My goal is for you to realize "there is always an option".

When we work outside the home, our time is extremely limited, and you tend to spend more money than necessary.

When you work from home, you are afforded more time than when working a 9-to-5 job.

Let's look at some ideas for Supplement Income

          For Sale: Items                       

UnWanted Items, Arts & Crafts,   Auto Sales,   Clothing,   Collectibles, Computer,  Furniture,   General,

Health & Fitness, Household, Materials, Real Estate, Sporting, Tools, Toys & Games

Additional Services

Appliance Repair, Dryer and Dryer-Vent Cleaning, Dryer ServiceRadon Measurement, Vacant Home Preparation