Supplement Income - Ideas

We can supplement income in small ways:

  • It is pointless to spend our time trying to earn money when we haven't taken the time to plug the leaks by wasting money.
  • Stay away from opportunities that cost money to get into.  Most of them fall into the category "Get Rich Quick".
  • Most "supplement income" opportunities have no or very little upfront costs, but they do take time and dedication.
  • It is completely possible to earn supplement income.  Find out what you will be good at and go do it.

The Supplement Income Ideas usually come under one of four groups:

  • Offline Income
  • Online Income
  • Direct Sales
  • Network Marketing

You need to do a self analysis.  Are you an indoor, outdoor or a bit of a both type of person.  Do you like to socialize, mix with several others with some noise and activity going on.  Some people like to be outdoors in all sorts of weather and others want to be inside with constant room temperature and comfort.  Others are loners, like to work alone, prefer quiet, have a room to themselves.  Start with understanding yourself.

Example of MY Self Analysis:

  • During my 45 years of working experience I served 2 apprenticeships, electrical and plumbing and did lots of service work in these fields.
  • Many of my working years involved estimating, project coordination, management and a mixture of office and field work.
  • All through my 50 years of marriage, my wife and I have owned our own home and also have owned revenue property.
  • I tried several different hobbies like fishing, golf, skiing, baseball and some side ventures in investing.
  • I'm not good at travelling, vacationing or socializing with groups of more than 4 - 6 people at one time
  • I have developed a hearing impairment so struggle with the telephone, background noise and group conversation

When I added this all up, what do I like and what can I do:

  • I love being in my home office with no background noise, temperature set for my comfort and communicating by email or texting.
  • I have a few friends that we will regularly get together with, but not everyday.
  • I enjoy a good one-on-one conversation about geopolitics, economics and religion.  I don't really like fluffy conversation for more than a few minutes.
  • I like  being at my computer and learning something new and or doing a project.
  • I can build a website, work with office programs, do some marketing and research

My conclusion was to do somethings that would supplement my income.  I started Cochrane Home Sitter and built a website to market it.  When my friend and I go for a walk, we will often deliver flyers that introduces my business to the surrounding neighbourhoods.

I am now working on expanding my website with a subsection called "Supplement Income".  This part of the website will be used to market "Items For Sale", "Affiliate Marketing", "Website Building" and whatever other "Side Business" I come up with.

That's my example of "My Self Analysis".

There is something out there for ever person that wants to Supplement their Income.

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